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Use an intuitive, navigable, and manageable e-commerce KPI dashboard and reports to enhance your ability to organize and interpret data in deriving growth insights.

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Unicommerce's Dashboard And Reports

With Unicommerce’s sophisticated analytics and dashboard, you can gain a better understanding of your data and keep a track of important information about the business, focusing on three major parameters:

Order Alerts: Pending, SLA breached orders, unverified and failed orders

Product Alerts: Number of failed and disabled inventory

Channel Alerts: Number of broken connectors and channels pending to be configured sales

Make Smarter Decisions With Accurate And Reliable E-commerce KPI Dashboards & Reports

Unicommerce’s analytics tool allows you to fine-tune processes each time by drawing actionable information from the complicated e-commerce data.

Showcasing the charts, the sales dashboard highlights the revenue earned and items sold. You can calculate the revenue for a day, month, and quarter of a year. Moreover, it showcases:

  • Top-performing channels
  • Top-performing categories
  • Top-performing products
  • Best-selling product’s revenue in the top-performing channels
  • Slow-moving products in the last month
sales dashboard

The Fulfillment dashboard highlights the shipments that are pending to be processed. The graphs come with pre-filter of the week, month & quarter and show the following charts:


  • Pending shipments
  • Total orders Vs Total orders dispatched
  • Pending orders
  • PO raised Vs PO to be raised Vs pending putaways
fulfillment dashboard

Keep a tab on the order returns using the Returns dashboard. It showcases the charts of the Channel and SKU-wise returns in comparison to the units sold. It includes features such as:

  • Shipping provider returns summary
  • Total returns
  • Channel-wise returns percentage
returns dashboard

The inventory dashboard is the snapshot of your actual inventory as it shows the actual view of the system along with the quick report download option. It includes:

  • Total count of SKU’s
  • Cost of Inventory
  • Out of stock % of SKU’s
  • Inventory availability of fast-moving SKUs
  • Products with zero-order in last month
inventory dashboard

The payments dashboard shows the graphical representation of all payment-related information and highlights the snapshot of the following:

  • Received payment
  • Outstanding payment
  • Channel settlement summary
  • Total outstanding order value
payments dashboard

Optimize Business Operations With Our Powerful E-commerce Reports

Unicommerce’s reports & dashboard can help you simplify your operations, track daily/weekly operational activities, and boost productivity & growth with minimal investment.


Sales Order Report

Keep track of your actual income with our highly advanced sales reports that let access all the payment-related information and calculate your net earning efficiently.

Inventory Report

Go easy on managing stock level effectively by knowing the exact count of inventory across facilities with the multichannel inventory management report.

Tally GST Report

Create your own GST-oriented report with the integrations such as Tally & Busy that helps you check the items that have been dispatched from the warehouse for actual delivery. 

Tally Return GST

Calculate the goods returned by the consumers with the help of the integrations including, Tally & Busy, so that you can find the reason for the returns to reduce the cost associated.

Sales and Returns

Understand the criticality of returns by evaluating the order sold and order returns in order to analyze your performance and where you went wrong, right from the packaging to quality.

Fast & Slow Moving SKU

Calculate the available inventory of the Fast-moving SKUs for which maximum sales generates on the basis of the last 30 days’ sale.

Inventory Projection

Prevent your business from the unforeseeable uncertainties and make the most of the data to understand the upcoming events while checking the needed inventory levels for the future.


Analyze the actions ranging from what to buy, which vendor to buy from, to the activities of raising Purchase Orders and GRN so as to check whether all the goods have been received.

Inventory Ledger

Examine your stock availability with respect to a particular date with the inventory ledger feature, which is available in all the versions of our software. 

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“We onboarded Unicommerce in 2016 and since then they are helping us streamline order and inventory management. Unicommerce offers quick and effective solutions with tremendous performance. Their entire team is highly devoted as they are always available with extended support.”
Sumit Singh

Manager Supply Chain, PlumGoodness

Unicommerce is one of the best platforms in the market for e-commerce ERP integrations. Its continuous support has taken all the hassles away as it has automated our routine tasks, boosting the operational capabilities of our business.”
Piyush Singh

Chief Strategy Officer, Campus Shoes

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