Turn Your Website Into A Marketplace With Vendor Management System

Engage with your sellers across multiple channels and enable them to ship the products directly to the consumers using the highly efficient Vendor Management Software of Unicommerce.

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Unicommerce’s Marketplace Vendor Panel Solution

Unicommerce’s cloud-based vendor panel solution addresses the problems experienced by e-tailers in coding, recreating, and managing a marketplace management system in the dynamic e-commerce industry. Allow your vendors to fulfill orders directly from their end by integrating with the leading shipping providers, resulting in increased delivery efficiency and speed, fewer stock-outs, and better product assortment accuracy.

Vendors Managed

Purchase Orders

Invoices Managed Daily

Orders Processed Monthly

Enhance Vendor Panel Experience With Robust Vendor Management Software

Unicommerce’s unified E-commerce vendor management software panel helps you strengthen operations while ensuring seamless business distribution and enhanced customer experience.

Eliminate any chance of imbalance or error by completely automating the process with the highly advanced Multi-Vendor Management solution of Unicommerce.

  • Self-Regulating Operations 

All your orders are automatically pushed to Unicommerce’s system to the respective vendor panels for processing.

  • Inventory Update

The best-in-class vendor management system helps you get automated updates from the seller with a single view, letting you perform at scale.

  • Eliminate Operational Glitch

With a fully automated and well-organized vendor management system software, you tend to perform functions with more flexibility as there is no room for technical 

  • ERP/CRM Integrations 

Activate your business operations with ERP and CRM integrations and get better control over your operations across multiple vendors.

fully automated and well-organized vendor management system software

Minimize the operational cost as you get a single panel from where you can align all your vendors seamlessly while growing your business bottom line.

  • Save Manpower Cost

The centralized vendor management solution of Unicommerce gives you the flexibility to perform multiple functions that eventually saves your manpower cost, minimizing manual errors. 

  • No Wastage or Duplication of Resource 

With the unified panel, you get better inventory visibility, and your order gets routed to the right location that eventually saves both time and cost. 

  • Inventory Carrying Cost 

By networking with various vendors, you let them handle the inventory, which eventually helps you save the cost of holding inventory. 

  • Optimized Vendor Cost

The easy-to-use multi-vendor management solution of Unicommerce enables you to support multiple vendors at a lower cost.

minimize the operational cost with vendor management panel

Fasten up your routine operations and optimize the vendor lifecycles in order to build marketplace capabilities on your website.

  • Quick Order Processing

With the robust vendor Management Solution, you can give your vendor limited access so that they can pick, pack and dispatch the shipment quickly. 

  • Aligned Inventory Management

The comprehensive vendor management system supports inventory management across multiple vendors so that the products are exposed quickly to the marketplaces. 

  • Streamline Returns Process

The top-rated vendor management application software is designed with an advanced returns module, which is highly efficient to centrally manage CIRs and RTOs effectively, ensuring quick turnaround time.

  • Manage Vendor Lifecycles

With the admin panel of Unicommerce, you can manage the entire lifecycle of the Vendor order processing including status sync. 

quick order processing with vendor marketplace panel

Scale your business functionalities while measuring and analyzing the intricate and result-driven reports provided by the system.

  • Order status 

The system gives you complete access to view the detailed status report of each order routed to the seller so that you can keep a track of inventory. 

  • Measure Performance

With the highly manageable system, keep a track of vendor services in order to make smarter procurement decisions based on performance analysis. 

  • Stable Product Positioning

While measuring the in-depth reports, you get a detailed view of your customers’ preferences that will help you enhance the marketplace positioning of the products to draw more attention. 


  • Vendor-wise Analysis

The centralized panel lets you view everything on a single screen along with the vendors’ data so that you can keep a check on the operations seamlessly.

measure performance with centralized vendor panel

Features of Unicommerce’s Vendor Management System

Enable your seller to ship the product directly to the consumers with the cloud-based marketplace panel solutions and meet the demands of the dynamic e-commerce industry.

Strong Vendor Relationship

Help your vendors to process the orders that are assigned to them easily with Unicommerce’s well-built infrastructure, resulting in solid vendor relationships & robust performance.

High Product Assortment

Simplify vendor onboarding and expose a curated assortment of products while scaling up your marketplace performance effectively.

Minimal Stockouts

Prevent unnecessary stockouts that interfere with your operational performance and manage marketplace sales competently.

Faster Delivery Time

Ensure the faster and quicker delivery of products by hastening the delivery of the inventory all while enhancing the satisfaction of your customers.

Order Routing

Let the robust vendor management system of Unicommerce route the orders automatically to the respective vendor through smart sorting based on vendor code and vendor SKU code.

Order Status Sync

Keep seamless sync between Unicommerce and your portal, enabling customers to track the status of the order on your portal processed by the vendor using the vendor panel.

Vendor Logins

Get order processing and inventory updates from the vendors as the system allows role-based access to various resources within the system

Plug & Play Integrations

Manage the operations by integrating with a large pool of open third-party apps and automate business operations to expand your customer base.

Shipment Management

Integrate with the leading logistics players to manage the shipments effortlessly and track the delivery status of the order duly.

Our Solutions Are Known for

Multi-vendor Management Solution is known for its highly advanced functionalities to support multiple sellers


goodfirms top order management software awards
goodfirms best order management software awards

Unicommerce is a one-stop solution to manage e-commerce orders. It takes the hassle away and has all possible reports and integrations available to make the process smoother. Surely recommend it!”

Kartik Sapra

Co- Founder, Amydus (Plus Size Clothing)

“ With a robust and scalable solution like Unicommerce as our Warehouse Management and Vendor Panel Solution partner, we have been able to manage our supply chain operations much more seamlessly. And this has helped us be better prepared for our next phase of exponential growth.”

Atit Jain

COO & Co-founder, Bulbul

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