Let’s Grow Together, It’s More Fun That Way

Who we are?

We are the backbone of e-commerce industry. Anyone who is selling online or facilitating selling online needs us.

You can manage and automate entire order fulfiment process online using our product – this includes multichannel orders, warehouses, vendors and related things. We are growing like a teenager – growing fast, enjoying it, learning new things everyday – and soon going to be a strapping young lad!

Who are we looking for?

Any company which is even remotely connected to E-commerce / Internet / Cloud / Software is fine.

E-commerce Platforms, Payment Gateways, Logistics Companies, E-commerce Consultants, Website Makers, Cloud app sellers, Software resellers, SEO companies and any other such companies we could not cover here.

Any Individual with right contacts who is eager to be part of and contribute to E-commerce growth story.

Not sure if you are it ? Talk to us. We are just a phone call away.

• We believe ‐ The Pie is simply Too Big for One. Don’t want Indigestion by being too greedy! We feel inviting more people will rock the party.

• We have already experienced the positive feedback loop of Network Effect in our initial journey.That’s exactly why we’ve decided to do it formally at a larger scale to accelerate the momentum. We do have a strong sales and marketing team of our own – But hey, there is no such thing as Too Much or Too many when it comes to Sales!

1. Risk-Free, Zero Investment. We don’t ask for your Money.We want to Give you some.

2. We are here to stay. Its just the start of our Journey.Hop on for a long ride.

3. A whopping 50% of our prospects turn our customers. Its that easy to sell.That’s why we are ready to pay just to get introduced to prospects.

4. And finally – the Recurring Revenues ! Do we have to say anything more ?

If you are an Individual

• Just put in a word for us. We know your word matters. That’s why we are ready to pay you handsomely for that. All you have to do is – Introduce us to people who you think are interested in our solution.


• Don’t stop after putting in a word. Be with us at every step till we close the deal.It goes without saying that – here the pay will be more. Enough to justify all the efforts.

If you are an Organization

• We expect your deep involvement in complete customer acquisition process. You can even bundle our product with other products you are already selling. Since we are inviting diverse set of companies on board, we welcome all sorts of custom associations tailored around unique needs of both the parties.

A Business Proposal – What good is that without Numbers ? We completely agree. Its just that we feel this is not the right place to discuss Numbers. We would love to discuss those with you over a cup of coffee or tea or any other liquid of your preference!

But even without revealing the numbers, we can tell you one compelling reason why you will find the numbers interesting. Selling our product is like planting a Mango tree. Put in the effort once, and enjoy the Mangos every summer.

Yes. Selling our cloud subscription product means – our revenue and your share keeps coming every month. Now you don’t want us to tell you – how ridiculously good recurring income feels, do you ?

Makes Sense ? Lets Team up then.Just give us a Call and We’ll take it from there.

Not Convinced? Have some doubts, concerns?
See if the following Q&As address your concerns

Unicommerce offers solution to people selling online to manage their complete back hand and marketplaces. Anyone operating in ecommerce or internet space can be our partner and can earn handsome money by referring our selling our solution.

Simply sign up for a Unicommerce Partner Account. Once you’re registered as a partner you can start selling or referring. Once deal is matured and Unicommerce realises the payment you will be paid through preferred mode. All payments will be for only closures and successful realisation of payment by us.

We neither pose any location restriction nor provide any exclusivity for any area or industry. We have transparent system of registering leads and it works on first come first serve basis.

Unicommerce sales team will provide all possible support to close the cases this may involve telephonic interaction to field visit. We will provide basic marketing collatorals like proforma, brochure and proposals. Post acquisition Unicommerce takes complete responsibility of the case from taking it live and to servicing him throughout

You can approach anyone who is in the business of selling products online through multiple marketplaces like snapdeal, flipkart, amazon etc and doing atleast 20-25 orders a day.

Still Cannot Make up your mind?

You are always welcome to visit our office, get to know us & our Partner Program better.

Our Partners


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